Los Angeles / NYC / London

Represented by:
Emily Heller
Jellybean Reps

Select Clients:
Nike, Gatorade, Red Bull, ESPN, Adidas, Converse, Dropbox, Vans

Sam McGuire has taken skateboarding to places others have been afraid to take it or where it’s never had a chance to go — the Galapagos, Namibia, the former Yugoslavia, floating down the Amazon River in Brazil. Skateboarding’s DIY ethos infects his approach to leading campaigns as a photographer and producer. He’ll create a machine to blow a rainbow of smoke for an image and people are surprised when he says he did it himself.

His creativity, energy, and go-with-the-flow approach translates into a keen ability to document the movement and the misery and the miracle of any sport.

The ultimate companion on set or on the road, Sam’s uncanny ability to keep his cool and get the shot during the most chaotic situations is contagious.